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Remote Connect

We support all of the highest quality and easiest ways to dial into your session.

Whether you’re producing a podcast, dialing in a featured guest or voice-over artist, or working with your Engineer on a mix, we’ll do our best to make you feel like you’re in the studio, sitting at the desk.


Pro Quality Connections

Source Connect Pro

The industry-standard protocol with the best quality audio, SC Pro is our top choice for connecting to professional studios.

  • Best-in-class, higher-than-ISDN audio quality

  • Dial in up to 4 guests over individual stereo or surround streams

  • Remote ADR & VO sessions in perfect video sync with SMPTE timecode lock

  • Save time and money with fully automatic replacement of streamed proxies with full-quality uncompressed audio

Some features require the connecting studio also have SC Pro. However, we can connect to any version of Source Connect with the same fantastic quality.

Moon Connect

Connect from anywhere with Google Chrome on Mac, PC, or Android! Click here to check out our Moon Connect portal.

Moon Connect allows anyone with a browser and an internet connection to dial into their session in high-quality stereo or surround. Plus, an in-browser talkback button enables seamless collaboration with your talent and Engineer.

  • Great quality, stereo or surround audio

  • Up to 4 guests

  • No need to book a studio, stream from anywhere


We also support:


The tried and true internet call solution, we fully support dialing into your session over Skype.

  • Streaming quality, mono audio

  • Up to 50 guests on one call

  • No need to book a studio, stream from anywhere, including iPhone!

Phone Patch

Even when you’re only equipped with a traditional phone, we have you covered.

We can patch our private studio line into your session for easy collaboration from anywhere you can make a phone call.

  • No setup necessary, just dial our dedicated recording conference line and we’ll patch you into your session, for instant two-call collaboration

  • Unlimited attendees