Studio B

Be ready to track vocals whenever inspiration strikes.  Equipped with a custom vocal booth, super-premium microphone collection, and classic analog signal chain, Studio B is our flagship Vocal Recording Suite.

Studio B, Vocal Production & Voiceover Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Since 2014, Studio B has been our most affordable studio for vocal production, voiceover recording, computer-based music production, and writing.  It's like making records in your apartment... if your apartment had a vocal booth and custom tuned acoustic treatment.  And no neighbors.

Vocal Booth, Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY

Be vocal.

Our fully isolated, custom-built vocal booth allows you to track vocals with uncompromising vocal clarity and zero mic bleed.  And we have an industry-leading Neumann TLM 103 so your recording will sound even better than it did in the headphones.

Take a look below for our full list of gear ready for your session, from our microphones to our tube channel strip and software collections.


Produce and mix.

Studio B is fully loaded with software instruments, effect plugins (including the full suite of UAD plug-ins), all major recording platforms, an all-SSD rig, 2 sets of reference monitors, a full-sized keyboard, and an Ableton Push.

Mixing & Production, Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY


Get in touch.

Wondering if Studio B is the right studio for your project?  Drop us a line, and we'll get in touch!